you may be wondering why the secrecy…that so i wont be judged. I’m a nobody. I’m that girl you pass everyday in the hallway without a second thought. I’m the girl you only talk to when you need something done. I love writing and quotes. I’m in high school which is turning out to be the worst years of my life..but hey that is okay..ill survive..hopefully. The whole idea of this blog it to show people whats inside my head and poems I’ve written. If you are going to hate don’t read because i don’t need anymore of that in my life.

we lay together in a heap
of sweat and love,
i can smell you
even though its over
i can still feel your hard
throbbing cock in 
me, teasing me every time 
you run your hands along my clit,
 i can feel you through the sheets
as you sleep,
you are still naked
arms wrapped around me
holding your naked body to mine.
we are together 
as one.

so what

Im not so sure anymore and its killing me from the inside out. i want to be able to have fun like a normal teenager but i cant.im always second guessing myself and checking over my shoulder. thats okay. ill get over it.

New year new you

you know how when a new year starts your supposed to have a new years resolution. hears mine:

1.stop thinking about “him”

2.change everything about me

3.forget the people that hurt me

4. try something new

5. and i want to tell LJC about what I’ve done

Also now that a new year is right around the corner i’m ready to let everything go. i’m ready to forget the bad and also the good. I am me. In the past year I’ve lost Adam..the one boy before LJC that i let myself care for..he passed away because of choices i made. i lost Ashley because she literally took a bullet for me. What i don’t get is how all this has happened and i still feel like I deserve a second chance. I’ve lost LJC, i let my guard down and i let myself be vulnerable.And he doesn’t even know.